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Who we are

Service Internship Consulting Ltd., is a young company, located in Malaga, south of Spain, but our professionals have a wide range of experience in organizing placements in internship companies for young European people, including setting up Spanish courses and facilitating tourist information as and when appropriate.

We are trying to develop and improve mobility programmes by promoting them throughout Europe, increasing their quality and variety. We invite you to Malaga, Spain to have an fantastic experience, to know the Andalusia culture, to make new friends and last but not least to work or to realize a training program that helps you with your future career

Our history

2007 - 2022 Over the past years our professionals achieved an important experience working with European exchange and placement programs, especially with Leonardo da Vinci scholarships, developing an ample European network of partners from all around Europe and local network of internship partners including Spanish companies, institution and educational centre from different area of activities in Malaga.

The New ERASMUS + brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the Education, Training and Youth sectors.

Service Internship Consulting is going to continue its activities according to the new normative Erasmus + we will be happy to cooperate with all European and international Partners.

Why Service Internship Consulting (SIC)

Why Spanish & Internship Consultant

Our company is young but our professionals archived an ample experience, working over the past years with European exchange and placement programmes, especially with ERASMUS + programs and Spanish courses.

Our experts have a wide range of experience collaborating with an important network of contacts in Europe and local level (internship companies) also in management, administration and monitoring of ERASMUS + beneficiaries from all around Europe and other European projects as Grundtvig, etc.

The participants to the European programs that are interested to realize an internship in Malaga will receive a personalise attention and all the support from our experts.


Spanish Partner in your mobility projects. ERASMUS + Mobility project

If you are looking for a new Spanish partner in Malaga our organisation will gladly support you in mobility projects ERASMUS +.

Training places in internship companies in Malaga. Erasmus projects

Our company organise training placements in internship companies in Malaga for young students or workers who would like to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture while improving their professional career prospects within the framework of the ERASMUS + or other European programs.

Work visits or meetings for European experts

Many companies from countries that joined EU after 2004 and received European funds for business activities, innovation and projects are interested in visiting companies in Malaga with a view to exchanging information concerning the Spanish system of work in Malaga and developing cooperation between partners.

Cultural visits (tourist visits) for smal groups (business or tourist)

Our profesionals can organize for you a nice stay in Malaga (booking your hotel, visits to tourist atraction in Malaga region, visits to Flamenco places, "night out",etc.


Malaga is a Mediterranean city located on the Costa del Sol, region of Andalusia. The city's unique climate, approximately 300 days of sun a year, the abundant beaches, the gastronomy, friendly people have made it a popular destination not just for tourists but an attractive place for students and young people interested in working or having a professional experience realizing a training program in companies in Malaga.

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Our partners

Our students will carry out an internship programme in a collaborating company located in Malaga. You find below some of our collaborating companies:

Beneficiaries' Opinion

  • Lucian
    Lucian, Erasmus 2020, Romania
    "I did my practice in Malaga for 6 months. The city is very beautiful, safe and relaxed even with coronavirus situation. Mrs. Monica is very kind and helpful. I recomand Malaga."
  • Mihaela Gaitan
    Mihaela Gaitan, LdV student 2010 - Romania
    "M-am simtit foarte bine, as vrea sa ma intorc aici. Locul unde am realizat stagiul a fost bine ales si relatia cu personalul buna". I would like to come back."
  • Lisa Breiner
    Lisa Breiner, LdV student 2010 - Germany
    "Malaga is my favorite city in Spain. I could live here and our program was very interesting. I will like to do it again."
  • Adrian Tamas
    Adrian Tamas, ERASMUS + June 2010 -Lic.Arte Arad
    "Nu pot spune decit ca m-as intoarceoricand cu cel mai mare drag deoarece aici in Malaga am cunoscut oameni deosebiti si am avut o experienta deosebita. In Malaga I met wonderful people and I had a lovely experience."
  • All testimonials

  • Borza Vasile
    Borza Vasile, ERASMUS + May 2010 ISJ Arad
    "Dna.Monica Szauka, reprezentanta SIC a dat dovada de multa disponibilitate si a facilitat desfasurarea optima a programului. Consider ca intreg programul a fost o reusita si ma consider a fi unul dintre beneficiarii "norocosi" ai acestuia."
  • Jennifer Acquarone
    Jennifer Acquarone, ERASMUS + April 2010 - Chelmsford College (UK)
    "My placement was well chosen and I picked up a lot of Spanish and good relationship with the people from my placement."
  • Petruţa Păun
    Petruţa Păun, pupil ERASMUS + 2010 (Petroşani, Romania)
    "Unforgettable experience, I learned a lot of new things about a different culture, other way of thinking and I discovered the beauty of work in tourim.O experienta de neuitat , nu ma asteptam sa fie atat de bine!"
  • Sinead Mullan
    Sinead Mullan, EMPOWER Project, Phase 2 Malaga 2010 (Dungannon Council-N Ireland)
    "A well organised and extremely informative and enjoyable programme.Monica spent great deal of time organising everything. Thank you for everything Monica."
  • Lacrimioara Popa
    Lacrimioara Popa, Erasmus 2009 (Romania)
    "Great experience, nice friendly people. Very well prepared management departament both for the coordination and monitoring."
  • Mihai Tiba
    Mihai Tiba, Erasmus 2009, Romania
    "This experience I believe that is very important because I have the opportunity to meet people, cultures, places interesting and pleasant with a great historical resonance on which you never thought you could master them to look and to feel so intense and almost. In closing many thanks to those that have made this beautiful and useful ."
  • Cristina Olvedi
    Cristina Olvedi, Erasmus 2009, Romania
    "During my three months of training in Malaga I gained more experience and more knowledge, I had the opportunity to work into a professional environment and implement the knowledge obtained during the University, to learn more about the culture and history of Spain and to make new friends and establish new connections."
  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill, Essex,UK -ERASMUS + 2009
    "My experience in Malaga was very good .Very nice people at the training and I learned a lot and had fun too.Many thanks."
  • Carmen Răbontu
    Carmen Răbontu, Teacher, Romania - Coordinator ERASMUS + Training 2009
    "A successful training through were achieved all the proposed goals and the participants to the training developed business competences and initiatives. Un program de succes prin intermediul căruia au fost realizate toate obiectivele propuse. Vă mulţumim!"
  • Katharina Gortz
    Katharina Gortz, Student Leipzig (Germany)
    "I enjoyed my stay in Malaga, it was a great experience.After a few weeks I become part of my training company and my Tutor was always there to help me."
  • Monica Leba
    Monica Leba, Eu Coordinator, Conf. Monica Leba, Romania - Participant STAFF Training
    "In my opinion our Erasmus Staff Training was very well organized and also interesting. We established contacts with some companies and institutions for future colaboration. Experienta a fost conform asteptarilor."
  • Lenka K
    Lenka K, Teacher, ESLOVAKIA
    "Good preparation, excellent information. The work was adapted to students needs, very professional, kind and friendly. I can say that I felt like home in Malaga. La gente es estupenda!"
  • Onur Selek
    Onur Selek, student, Turkey
    "In my opinion Malaga is a "perfect" place to live. I learned interesting things during my internship in Malaga and also our Coordinator in Malaga helped us a lot. Gracias."
  • Ion Fotau
    Ion Fotau, Prof.univ.dr.ing. Ion Fotau, Vice Dean (UP-Romania)- Staff Training Program
    "Our Partner in Malaga is a profesional agency with experienced and very well informed staff. Vizitele realizate in Malaga au deschis cai pentru o viitoare colaborare, benefica pentru cei interesati."
  • Emil Pop
    Emil Pop, Rector Emil Pop, Prof.univ.dr.ing.mat. Emil Pop - Rector University of Petrosani (Romania)- Staff Training Program
    "We had the oportunity to establish contacts for future colaboration within the framework of LLP with educational institution and companies from Malaga.The visits were well organized and opened the way to other interested colaborations. Numai cuvinte de lauda in aceasta prima faza."
  • Cristina Mandrescu & Alexandra Despa
    Cristina Mandrescu & Alexandra Despa, Erasmus Students Romania 2010
    "Modul de viata din aceasta zona , precum si cultura foarte specifica au contribuit la petrecerea acestui stagiu intr-o atmosfera de vacanta.Experienta pe masura asteptarilor, atmosfera foarte placuta studiului, noi prietenii. We shall return here in the future.Perfectly!"
  • Andreia Blaga
    Andreia Blaga, Erasmus 2010 (Romania)
    "Was the most beautiful experience in my life in the area which I want to do my future career-tourism.Malaga is very beautiful, the people are very friendly. O experienta de neuitat alaturi de oameni minunati."
  • Jessica Seltzer
    Jessica Seltzer, LdV student 2010 - Germany
    "It was really great everything. We all had a wonderful time. I like the culture, the country and spanish people. Monica, our tutor is a really nice, friendly and helpful person. Thank you for everything."
  • Johannes Jetter
    Johannes Jetter, ERASMUS + student 2010 - Germany
    "The program in Malaga was a really good experience for me because I learned a lot of myself and got the chance to know other country and it´s people."
  • Carmen Craciun
    Carmen Craciun, Teacher companion ERASMUS + June 2010 - Lic.Arte Arad
    "From the beginning I felt like home and I always return with pleasure.M-am simtit ca acasa si ne-am reintoarce oricand cu drag."
  • Maria Luta
    Maria Luta, ERASMUS + May 2010 ISJ Arad
    "PROFESIONALISM! Programul a fost respectat..punctualitate, implicare, atentie la detalii.F.B.!"
  • Leonica Popescu
    Leonica Popescu, Teacher companion ERASMUS + 2010 (Petroşani, Romania)
    "The program was very good but too short.The host company is a good partner and have organized everything very well from the beginning. Fima organizatoare, SIC, e ste un partener foarte bun si le acord calificativul foarte bine."
  • Christine McGowan
    Christine McGowan, EMPOWER Project, Phase 2 Malaga 2010 (Dungannon Council-N Ireland)
    "Our visit to Malaga was a very valuable and interesting experience. We made many useful contacts for future collaboration. Monica was a very professional and efficient coordinator. She put a lot of effort into making our trip a success."
  • Ionesc Ioana Raluca
    Ionesc Ioana Raluca, Erasmus 2009 (Bucarest, Romania)
    "I had a great time during the 3 month internship period both professional and personal. I learned a lot from the company I was assigned to. I also enjoyed the Spanish experience since it is very different from what we have in Romania. The people are all very nice and open and kind and I would really like to come back."
  • Omar Tarazzit
    Omar Tarazzit, ERASMUS + student 2009, Germany
    "I love Malaga ,all the people are happy and friendly.The staff from my work accepted me very well from the first day and they were very friendly. I would like to return to Malaga for one year more."
  • Florentina Munteanu
    Florentina Munteanu, Leonardo student (Romania)
    "The program realized in Malaga was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot of new things."
  • Monika Kubiszová
    Monika Kubiszová, Teacher Czech Republic -ERASMUS + 2009
    "I would like to express special and great thanks to our Tutor in Malaga to organize so well our program, before and during our stay. Thank you very much!"
  • Florica Kemenski
    Florica Kemenski, Director School "Theodor Costescu", Romania- ERASMUS + Training 2009
    "The training was according to the program and the activities realized in Malaga fulfiled the expectations of the participants. Felicitări!"
  • Daniela Stefan
    Daniela Stefan, Student
    "The time spent in Malaga was an unic experience for me because I had the oportunity to learn a lot of new things that helps me in my personal and profesional life."
  • Nan Marin Siviu
    Nan Marin Siviu, Teacher Nan Marin Siviu, Romania - Participant STAFF Training
    "I can say that the program in Malaga was at european standards.Our Coordinator got involved in our program also showed big interest and friendship. Programul vizitelor si indeplinirea acestuia se inscrie in coordonatele modernitatii."
  • Beata y Veronika
    Beata y Veronika, Students, ESLOVAKIA
    "We love being in Malaga, everything was great the sun, the beach, "sangria"... the time was flying. Our tutor in Malaga organized for us different activities, excursions, visit to Pimpi... Queremos volver!"
  • Bülent Vardal
    Bülent Vardal, Teacher, Turkey
    "Thank you for your support and friendship, we spent a wonderful time in Malaga. From now I miss Spain. Hasta luego...."
  • Corentin Calves
    Corentin Calves, Student France
    "Gracias por esta experiencia en Málaga, no la voy a olvidar.... Espero volver un día."
  • Aron Poanta
    Aron Poanta, Prof.univ.dr.ing. Aron Poanta, Dean Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engeenering (UP-Romania)- Staff Training Program
    "The main objectives of the visits were fullfiled thankful to the important support offered by our Coordinator in Malaga."